Participants of the IV international competition Gaudir 2022

Theme: "Goosebumps"

Nominee for Gaudir 2022

Irina Anderson
Living Doll baked plastic, bead embroidery (glass, metal), hand-painted silk, fabric shirring, wet felting, malachite (oil) painting on wood (stand) and self-hardening plastic DAS (flower).

It is a stone of harmony, tranquility and balance. It absorbs negativity, helps to strengthen the nervous system, eliminate imbalances and free the mind from resentment. 
Before this mineral was used to make various crafts and jewelry, malachite was the main source of copper. 
According to the legends of the Ural miners, these earthly riches are guarded by the Mistress of the Copper Mountain, Malachitnitsa - a green-eyed woman with a scythe in a dress made of silk malachite, the owner of earthly riches, the keeper of the secrets of beauty and the secrets of high skill. She was considered the patroness of miners. 
The owner of the wealth hidden in the bowels of the earth disposes of them at her own discretion. Any development is possible only with her consent, the Mistress can "take away" valuable minerals and not allow them to be mined. 
The hostess is hostile to the authorities and all sorts of lordly servants, she helps only the brave and freedom-loving workers. 
In Pavel Bozhov's tale "Stone Flower" (1936), master Danila meets the Mistress of the Copper Mountain, whom she helps to reveal her talent as a stone cutter. 
Faced with natural wealth, a person shows his true face: someone treats them wastefully, abusing them, and someone seeks to exalt them, admiring them and taking care of them, trying to make others see their beauty.

Participant who passed the qualifying round

Irina Anderson

Baked plastic Living Doll, painting (oil, pastel), goat hair.

PAN patronizes everyone who communicates with wildlife and enjoys its benefits. He protects the inviolability of nature, its peaceful rest. He is disgusted by all the voices and sounds of war. Defending his realm from ruthless aliens, he can let out such a scream that they run in terror, throwing down useless weapons. Pan inspired that unaccountable fear, which began to be called panic.
He is the brother of the nymphs, they are his sisters. But the arrows of Eros do not pass anyone. Wounded by one of them, Pan fell in love with the strict and inaccessible, and therefore thrice beautiful nymph Syringa. Pan tried in vain to explain himself to Syringa. When he wanted to hug her, she rushed to run. Pan chased after her. Pan would not have caught up with the swift-footed fugitive. But ahead of the river. And Syringa prayed to the god of the river: - Save me! I'm dying!
The river god heeded the prayer and turned the nymph into a reed. Blinded by love, Pan did not notice this transformation and brought his hairy hands together. But instead of a girl, he embraced a slender reed, swaying from every gust of wind, tickling the skin with its gentle touch. The unfortunate Pan cut off several reeds and made a mellifluous flute out of them. In memory of his beloved, he named the flute a syringa. Syringa sang in the lips of Pan, as if she had found the joy of love unknown to her during her lifetime.
The inspiration for this work was the painting "Pan" by the artist Mikhail Vrubel.

Participant who passed the qualifying round

3. Seconds to eternity
Tatyana Dunaeva

Living doll
The motive for creating this work was a real life story of one family, which ended in tragedy. The child, having gone outside for a walk, never returned home, having taken a fatal step from the roof. I wish that in difficult moments of life with our children there were Guardian Angels in the person of parents, friends, relatives who could save them from such terrible mistakes.

Special diploma from MuñecArt

4. Repta
Andrey Myagkikh

"The image born in the artist 's head is like a mirror of the accumulated aesthetic perceived … There is a huge variety of us , and everyone is special - unique ! … REPTA was born in my fantasies a long time ago … In the diversity of living beings, it occupies the place of the most mysterious alien race - the ""reptiloid"". I depicted her as a reptilian girl, with her attractive aesthetics. She is different, at the same time her own, earthly - ""home"". The doll was created in a collectible series, called by me ""Aesthetics of Other Worlds"", in a visual desire to humanize the universe of alien beings."

Nominee for Gaudir 2022

5. Bishop Gatton
Margarita Dadykina
Papier mache

"This is a story which surely will bring the goosebumps over you. So, read carefully and feel the Middle age spirit enshrouding you. Once upon a time there lived (or didn’t live) a notorious bishop Hatto. He was a very greedy and oppressive ruler. When one year there came hunger in his lands, he still had full corn sacks and a fat belly. When people pleaded him to share with them starving some of his food he invited them to his barn promising some treat, but there he closed and barred the doors and set the barn with people inside on fire, saying ""And the country is greatly obliged to me, For ridding it in these times forlorn Of Rats that only consume the corn. The next day there was a strange discovery in his palace: the rats have eaten his portrait out of the frame and cleared all his kern sacks and all the food around. Scared the Bishop set on a run for cover to his impregnable tower which stood in the middle of the Rhine river, there he was sitting trembling, but hoping to be safe, alas very soon he saw myriads of rats swimming towards the tower walls, easily they climbed the walls and easily they nibbled his bones. Down on his knees the Bishop fell, And faster and faster his beads did he tell, As louder and louder drawing near The gnawing of their teeth he could hear. And in at the windows and in at the door, And through the walls helter-skelter they pour, And down from the ceiling and up through the floor, From the right and the left, from behind and before, From within and without, from above and below, And all at once to the Bishop they go. (Robert Southey “God’s Judgment on a Wicked Bishop”) The Bishop was a kind of new experiment for me, firstly, it was created in a new technique for me, I finally decided and did him almost completely out of papier-mache, and secondly, I’ve embroidered rats on his sleeves for the first time."

Participant who passed the qualifying round

6. For miracles
Oksana Vasina

Metal frame. Cotton.

"Charles Rabbit, a guide to the world of wonders. The main thing is to choose the road. We all follow our dreams. When a dream comes true , we follow a new one . And so constantly. People run after miracles, they always think they won't have time. To do this, the rabbit has a clock to keep up everywhere. He must always have an umbrella with him, at any moment to hide from unexpected weather (like people)."


Jury members Gaudir 2022

Ima Naroditskaya
Alexander Spiridonov
Ankie Daanen
Tatyana Baeva

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