Participants of the IV international competition Gaudir 2022

Theme: "Goosebumps"

Nominee for Gaudir 2022

13. Girl with a friend
Tatiana Grigorenko

Mixed media

The little girl had been dreaming of a furry friend for a long time, and finally found him... The friend is shocked!

Personal award from the Commander of the Order of the Arts of France Sergei Chaika

14. Painter
Tatiana Grigorenko

Mixed media

Based on drawings by French illustrator Jean-Baptiste Monge

Winner in the nomination MOVEMENT

15. A song of peace
Mihaela Wenger

Polymer clay (coskley) and mixed media

"God, bring me a storm in the middle of the war, I prayed it would rain, I had to face the mud. It's a long road, it's not impossible, although it seems because any rain also makes room for the sun." This piece represents an angel camed on earth in a battle field to release the dove of peace. "

16. Arrogance
Evgenia Wanda

Polymer clay

"How sometimes I want it to be cold. So that the heart — to insensibility. To the soul — granite, concrete, stone. To look — ice, snow, frost. So as not to love, so as not to hurt. To breathe the transparent sky and not know the earthly passions. In order not to want hands, not to look for pathetic crumbs of warmth in a deaf world. "

Special diploma from MuñecArt

Francisca Espinoza

Participant who passed the qualifying round

Francisca Espinoza


Jury members Gaudir 2022

Ima Naroditskaya
Alexander Spiridonov
Ankie Daanen
Tatyana Baeva

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