Participants of the III international competition Gaudir 2021

Topic: "What cannot be"

  1. Svetlana Marchuk
    Mixed media
    50 cm
  1. Svetlana Marchuk
    Mixed media
    43 cm.
  1. Margarita Dadykina - NOMINANT
    Papageno and Papagena
    Characters from the opera by V.A. Mozart's "The Magic Flute"
    Papier-mâché, la Doll
    35 cm, 38 cm
  1. Ekaterina Khaustova - SEMI-FINALIST
    "The last melody".
    Archetype 13 lasso tarot
    Mixed media
    The height of the pupa is 55 cm. The height of the composition is 39 cm.
  1. Lyudmila Evdokimova
    Mixed media
    25 cm
  1. Alla Berezhkova - SEMI-FINALIST
    Once upon a ride
    Living doll polymer clay, mixed media
    25 cm

Jury members

Svetlana Rumyantseva
Tomàs Barceló Castelà
Elena Kunina
Alexandra Kukinova
Yulia Sochilina

11 thoughts on “Участники Gaudir 2021”

  1. Very beautiful work! I don’t know if it is possible to put hearts on several works? I put several))) Because I want to note not only one. Just in case, I'll write my favorites here: Elena Gasanenko, Anastasia Goleneva and Evgenia Karpova.

  2. I liked the work at number 36 very much, it was done very high quality and the whole composition looks very delicate!

  3. Good luck to all the contestants! Thanks to the organizers and organizers of the competition for the opportunity to see this holiday of talents

  4. I vote for Anastasia Golikova, she has excellent work, she is a wonderful person and a wonderful teacher!

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