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Grand Prix 2020:
Tina Vassa “Pinocchio. The boy is not the same. "
Doll made in a single copy

Gaudir 2020 winners

The final of the competition was held at the end of July 2020.
Jury members: Alexandra Khudyakova, Irina Kacharava, Tatiana Mokhryakova.
The author of the statuette: Alena Maikina

Patricia Cozzo "Cinderella"

Doll in a single copy

Victoria Fribus "Equilibrium"

Limited edition

Eliza Fenoglio "Tribute to John William Godward"

Best Composition

Elena Mikhailova "Clementine"

Fantasy doll

Katya Shemyakina "Girl with a Deer. Tales of Victorian England"

Prize from RussianInn magazine and a special diploma from MuñecArt

Victoria Kornietskaya "97 × 7"

Special diploma from MuñecArt

Anastasia Rosenberg-Trautman "Inspiration"

Award from the Chevalier of the Order of the Arts of France Sergei Chaika

Elena Tuminskaya "Pearl"

Special diploma from MuñecArt

Haarchaana Bappagai "Keeper of the Hearth"

People's Choice Award

Margaret Surich Noshese "The Tired Witch"

Special diploma from MuñecArt

Gaudir. International doll competition

author Victoria Kornietskaya, 2021

About the Competition

The international annual competition of author's dolls Gaudir was founded in 2019. and gained popularity very quickly.
Among the contestants are authors of international recognition and young talents.
Experts and critics note the high level of the contestants and the organization of the show. The jury of the competition is only highly professional doll artists.
Gaudir is an international competition that has become the standard of success and recognition in the world of designer dolls.


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