Participants of the III international competition Gaudir 2021

Topic: "What cannot be"

  1. Lilia Lebedeva
    Sonechka in dreams
    Mixed media
    28cm x 25cm
  1. Patrizia Cozzo - NOMINANT
    Magic harp
    Sculpted in polymer clay
    20 cm

Magic Harp was inspired by the tale "Jack and the Magic Bean". In the story, the Magic Harp is made of gold and can wake up and play by itself. She is a tribute to one of my favorite singers, Chester Bennington, who died while I was making her.

  1. Lilia Lebedeva
    Forest artist
    Mixed media
    30cm x 50cm
  1. Elena Hasanenko - SEMI-FINALIST
    Memento mori
    Mixed media
    45 cm

Doll "Memento Mori", created in 2019 for the Life of Casanova project. The doll is static, the clothes are not removable, Livingdoll baked plastic, copper frame, synthetic winterizer (covering), silk, cotton, lace, goat curls, oil painting.

The phrase Memento Mori is usually translated as - remember death, although literally the phrase is translated "Remember mortality." The meaning of the phrases is different.
How do I understand this? Love and appreciate life and everything that you have while you are alive. At the moment of the end of life, people regret precisely what they did not value, did not love their loved ones, loved ones, relatives.
My idea is to show Death as two-faced precisely because she walks next to us hand in hand, like a good friend and shows her face at the last moment, thereby saying, do not be afraid, we have known each other for a long time, everything will be fine, I am taking it on my last journey. You know me, I was always there. Trust!

  1. Anna Shvetsova-Zorina - NOMINANT
    Mixed media
    46 cm

"Imago" - a cycle of transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly. Her life is bright, but short. If butterflies were aware of the fleetingness of their lives and the futility of being, then it would be decadence.

  1. Irina Glukhova - SEMI-FINALIST
    Rat king
    75 cm

Jury members

Svetlana Rumyantseva
Tomàs Barceló Castelà
Elena Kunina
Alexandra Kukinova
Yulia Sochilina

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