The terms of participation

International annual competition of author's dolls Gaudir V season. The fifth season finale will take place on July 30, 2023.

The terms of participation - the work must not take part in any competition before!

Works performed in any technique are accepted for participation.

Subject "Dance in Silence".

The competition is held in three stages.
First stage - qualifying. After it, works that have scored at least a certain number of points are allowed to further participate.
Second phase - nomination for the award. In each nomination, the strongest works will be presented, which received the highest marks from the jury.
Important! The work that has passed in the qualifying round will not necessarily be nominated!
Stage three - rewarding winners in all nominations and grand prix.

Nominations, they are also categories of assessments:
1. Expression
2. Movement (static)
3. Costume
4. Originality
5. Composition
6. Theme correspondence

The work with the highest score will be awarded the Grand Prix and a cash prize of 200 euros.

Prizes from sponsors

1. Prize from DailyDoll.Shop and Crealandia marketplaces 4-day trip to Madrid

Prize includes;
1. Hotel accommodation;
2. City tour;
3. Entrance ticket to the Prado Museum.

2. Prize from the Vincent store - a set of materials for creativity.

3. Personal award from the Cavalier of the Order of Arts of France Sergey Chaika 200 euros.

4. Prize from the glossy magazine Russian Inn — detailed interview with illustrations.

Works for the competition are accepted until June 20, 2023

Season 5 jury:

Laura Scattolini

Olga Lakhina

Virginie Ropars

Anna Zueva

Olga Sukach

All contestants will receive an email participant certificate.

The author of the statuette Gaudir 2023 is Natalya Krutova.

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The terms of participation

1. Work should not be involved in any competition before.

2. Authorship of the work shouldn't be in doubt.

3. Sum 30 euro is a service charge and no return.

4. Each participant who has paid the service fee must send high quality photos their work until June 20 in the format at least 1920 * 1280px for horizontal and 1280 * 1920px for vertical.

6. The works performed in any technique are accepted for participation.

7. Every master has the right to put up for the competition one or more works.

8. Violation of the rules of participation threatens to be removed from the competition no service charge compensation.